Welcome to IWantBees
Hello and welcome. You will have come to this web site because you are looking for, or are interested in Honey Bee colonies?

You are in luck; - as part of "Paynes Bee Farm" we are well rehearsed in both the breeding and importing of Honeybee Colonies, and take pride and care in every order placed. We have been supplying locally bred honeybees and New Zealand bred bees for many years and look forward to helping you.

We are able to offer you Bees in a variety of ways - 6 frame Nucs, Full size colonies or just Queen Bees, you can rest assured that all our bees are strong, healthy honey bees that have been cared for by our own dedicated team of beekeepers.

Due to huge orders over the past few years we are taking orders now for Honey Bees which will be ready for collection in the Spring, and as an additional bonus you are able to keep track of your bees via this website.

We look forward to bringing you into the exciting and ever fulfilling world of Beekeeping.
Expected Availability
This lists the expected times Queens and bees will be ready throughout the season. Please bear in mind this depends a lot on seasons and should only be used as a guide (see terms and conditions for further details). We will update it whenever possible. Last update 22/03/17

Buckfast - in stock
Italian - out of stock
Carniolan - in stock
Caucasian - out of stock
AMM - out of stock
Local - out of stock

Overwintered - taking pre orders soon
This Year Nuc - taking pre-orders soon for 2018

Full Coloniestaking pre-orders soon for 2018

Packages - Taking pre-orders soon for June 2018